Put Opus Match to work, your way.

Whether you’re looking for a mobile application, web platform, or API integration, our team can help you find the right fit.

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Opus Match can provide mobile apps and web-based portals as a solution to actionize the power of your data. Already have your own mobile app or candidate portal?

Mobile Apps

Customized AI/ML-driven mobile app experience uniquely curated to fit your agency’s workflows and objectives.

No two agencies are the same. Your mobile app and candidate experience doesn’t have to be either.

  • 1 • Improve candidate journey
  • 2 • Provide different candidate experience
  • 3 • Optimize internal agency operations and workflow

Discover the difference between Opus Match and our comprehensive mobile solutions to enhance your candidate journey, client experience, and agency management.

Web Portals

With user-friendly interfaces and secure access, Opus Match can provide web portals that empower businesses to capitalize on their data and make growth-driven decisions efficiently.

  • 1 • A one-stop solution for your candidates through hiring onto assignment
  • 2 • Improve your team’s ability to manage their candidate pipeline and engagement
  • 3 • Post jobs and manage worker performance in your client’s hands

Learn more about how we can provide a solution that fits your agency's needs and workflows.

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Insights & Reports Dashboards

Want to unlock MORE unique insights across all of your tech stacks? Opus Match can provide curated data strategies with insights and reporting dashboards that unlock the power of your data.

Access detailed dashboards providing key performance and growth metrics, charts, and reports that matter to your business.

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