Bring automation and match
optimization to your business, at scale.

Match Beyond The Resume

Opus Match provides unique insights by AI/ML algorithms to provide real match results.







Candidate Engagement & Matching Score

Real-time matching algorithms align insights from the candidate's background and work history, the details on a job description, and your client's preferences to provide the perfect matching score.


Job recommendations tailored to candidate preferences.

At scale, Opus Match personalizes the job discovery process by providing candidates with tailored job matches. These matches are not solely based on work experience and resume details but also consider the candidate's unique behavior on the platform.

Agency-determined “hot” jobs

We collaborate with agencies to identify high-priority job positions based on specific criteria and connect those positions with targeted segments more likely to be interested.

Automated User Journeys

Curated Candidate User Experiences

Opus Match analyzes your user journey to identify any obstacles or slowdowns in the candidate experience and offers automated solutions to eliminate friction.

Automated Internal Workflows

Opus Match engine learns from your top performers and applies their successful methods at scale. Automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks allows your team to unleash their talents on more important assignments.

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