Unleash the AI matchmaking potential for your business with Opus Match

Elevate Your Talent

Unlock the potential of automated talent matching with our cutting-edge Algorithms. Gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making through the Candidate Data Platform.

Customize and enhance user experience with privately labeled mobile apps or web portals. Opus Match: empowering agencies and companies to match beyond the resume!

Advanced Technology Solutions

Minimize candidate friction and maximize team optimization. Experience real-time, on-demand, and scalable talent matching through our AI and Machine Learning platform.


Increased Candidate


Reduced Acquisition


Reduced Cost
To Hire


Increase Candidate

Candidate Data Platform

Leverage data effectively and optimize information flow. Integrating AI/ML technology enables businesses to eliminate data silos, centralize information, and derive valuable insights.

The integration hub and talent platform act as a data ingestion system, consolidating the data already present within your ecosystem.

Streamline your recruitment process, enhance talent management, or improve other aspects of your business that rely on data-driven decision-making; Opus Match's AI/ML integration hub and talent platform can help you achieve those goals by leveraging your existing data resources.

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Integration Services


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Modeling &

Curated Algorithms


Reporting _ Analytics

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Personalized Automation, At Scale

Our AI matching engine analyzes candidate behaviors and generates tailored job matches and suggestions in real time. It gathers work history, qualifications, skills, interests, past behaviors, and intent to create personalized match scores.

The algorithm can also learn from recruiters and identify the most effective practices for your business. By automating these processes, your team can concentrate on client and candidate satisfaction and have more time to explore new potential clients.

Private Labeled Mobile & Web Platform

Creating a customized workforce solution for your business. Opus Match offers private and white-labeled front-end solutions for mobile and web platforms, including candidate-facing mobile apps and web portals, client-facing apps and booking portals, in-house dashboards, recruiter consoles, and comprehensive talent marketplaces.

Client Facing Apps

Mobile Apps & Web Portals

Candidate Facing Apps

Client-Facing Apps
& Booking Portals

In-House Dashboards

In-House Dashboards
& Recruiter Consoles

Complete Talent Marketplaces

Complete Talent

Although our AI/ML technology is the core strength of Opus Match, we also provide the opportunity to develop front-end components tailored to your agency's requirements.

Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials